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June 20, 2011

Our last project Commerce-Lab.com is gaining momentum and is rapidly getting popular among German speaking customers. With regard to that we are now proving the German version of the website www.Commerce-Lab.de. Now all product descriptions and details are available in German in a nice and comprehensive way!

CommerceLab make your life more understandable!

NOTE: Please note that pre-sales and after-sales support and communication are conducted in English only. The German version of the website is to help you understand specifics of products.

April 12, 2011

After months of cooperation with CommerceLab, our new partner, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new online Magento store offering numerous Magento modules and extensions - Commerce-Lab.com

CommerceLab delivers high quality Magento extensions of different complexity to customers worldwide. All the modules are carefully coded, tested and implemented. Moreover, they are cautiously designed for all Magento versions, thus being compatible with all Magento based websites.

These Magento modules are aimed at making your website not only more attractive to customers, but also more functional and profitable. Thus, we believe that such extensions as Magento News Module, AJAX Features Module, Related Products Module and others will be of great benefit to any website owner. Hurry to visit the website and download Magento extensions, some of which are disposed even FREE OF CHARGE! New, even better Magento modules are yet to come!


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