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Precious Lighting


PreciousLighting provides clients with glasses of artistic expression

Since the beginning of time, glass has always charmed man, who attributed some magic and supernatural powers to this transparent material. PreciousLighting corporate site provides visitors with description, legends and pictures of Murano glasses that are a form of artistic expression, like sculpture and painting. Now PreciousLighting is proud to offer the finest reproduction of the famous Briati's dolphins Chandelier dated 1789.

Project Information

PreciousLighting is a very bright corporate site and was designed with purpose to create feeling of ancient traditions and skills of glass blowing masters. On other hand, this is very interactive web site which allows visitors to buy products in three departments: Chandeliers, Lamps and Scones. For payment processing PayPal merchant account is implemented. At the same time other pages provides informational support of the client such as legends about Murano glasses art, description of creating process, photos form the plants. Separate department: “Contact US” allows visitors to mark already written questions and send them to the Murano managers: quick and very usable.


HTML, PHP, MySQL, Macromedia Flash.

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