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Marketing Consultants Website Design



Bairdís CMC provides following services: integrated communications strategy development, integration management and risk assessment and specialised counsel based on required areas of expertise.

Project Information

In this project FutureVision was asked to redesign the web site in a way that it would reflect Bairdís new ideas and show the unique style of the company. Here is an opinion of Bairdís CMC regarding work with FutureVision:

I have been working with the Internet in one way or another since 1994. Over this time I have worked with a lot of website design companies small and large, I even ran one myself for a few years. FutureVision are among the best winning hands down on price, quality and professionalism. They are a pleasure to deal with from the start, they have perfected the art of asking exactly the right questions to understand what you want and then they deliver it, fast. Donít be put off that they are not based in the same country as you; the team speak excellent English and are always contactable when you need them. We have had two web sites designed by FutureVision Website Development Company, one from scratch and one a redesign and both are of a high design quality and really good value for money. Also, having been involved in the business myself, I know that their HTML (the computer language of the web) is first rate and uses the latest techniques to create dazzling websites that work on the maximum number of computers. If you want a reference, call me. I will gladly recommend FutureVision.



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