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Gamma Scout



Eurami Group is a U.S. product design, development, marketing and distribution company with an 8-year history of success launching unique and innovative products. Gamma-Scout Geiger Counter was developed after extensive market and competitor analysis and is the result of over 2 years engineering and testing. Designed around an accurate and reliable Geiger-Muller detector, the Gamma-Scout is light, compact, with a unique ergonomic design that fits comfortably in hand or pocket.

Project Information

This presentation product website maintained all needed information about Eurami Group product - Gamma-Scout. Very clear informational layout and interactive interface allows you to find needed information very fast: about company, about product, how to make order or where to find instruction. To view all these you need to make only one click on appropriate menu item and thatís all. Checkout merchant account was integrated into this product website with purpose to provide visitors with ability to buy this counter on the website pages.



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