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Online Event Flash Calendar for Your Website


BONUS: 2 extra skins!
  • Easily integrated to any website
  • No HTML of Flash knowledge required
  • .FLA sources available
  • Uniquely designed application to feature news, events, press-releases.
  • 8 different skins (backgrounds) included.

FutureVision's Online Event Flash Calendar is created for everyone who wants to brighten web site with vivid and animated element. Online Event Flash Calendar will certainly make your website more attractive, distinctive and memorable. Just choose the background theme that suits you best and your site will look much more interactive! Download Flash Event Calendar package which includes XML settings file, collection of changeable background themes and the source code (.FLA file). More over, our Online Event Flash Calendar is available in 3 languages now: English, German and Danish. If you want our website calendar in some other language, please, contact us!


We have already developed several backgrounds for our interactive Online Flash Calendar in order to make it more appealing and eye-catching. Every time you look for a change, pick up a different image for your Flash Event Calendar. You can customize it according to your website content, targeted audience, site colour or even your today's mood and feel.

Our web calendar is implemented in ActionScript 2.0, which allows easy customization and further development in Flash MX or 2004MX Pro. All buttons and actions are generated dynamically, and distributed into months and days of week according to the text file where dates are set. A current month is determined automatically depending on your computer settings.

How to Buy

Online Event Flash Calendar package price is US$ 49.99, including the source code (.fla file) and a complete collection of changeable background themes. Terms of use: 1) since the product is shipped with the source code we do not provide refunds. 2) the software can be used on up to 5 websites, it can be modified and/or integrated into other software, but cannot be resold as a single package or as a part of another software package. For reselling Flash Event Calendar, please contact us.

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