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Free JavaScript Widgets

Dropdown Menu

Dropdown menu provides easy and handy navigation using JavaScript with the help of fully customizable dropdowns. If the browser has JavaScript turned off, the possibility to navigate through the site remains - it is done using the upper level menu items, which are the part of the page. The graphical look of the dropdown menu is completely customizable to correspond to the look of the page it is being inserted in. The vertical and horizontal position of the submenus can also be customized.

[Download sample]

Mouse Follower

Mouse follower is a nice and easy-to-use instrument that provides an interesting look and more dynamics to the page by making an image follow the mouse cursor when mousing over a page. The image that follows the cursor can be easily changed. The coefficient, which determines the speed of the image following the cursor, can be customized. It is also easy to customize the shift of the image coordinates relatively to the cursor position.

[Download sample]


Tabs provide easy, fast, and handy navigation using JavaScript. The tabs have been designed and coded in such a way that it is easy to change the look of the tabs to make them completely correspond and fit the design of any page they will be inserted in. Advanced users have the ability to easily create their own event listeners for the tab events.

[Download sample]


Tooltip provides a cool and nice way of providing some detailed information on the products and services to the users without displaying too much information on the page at a time. The hint that pops up follows the cursor, but cannot leave the screen frame, which makes the information displayed in the hint always visible to the user. The look and content of the hints can be easily customized to correspond to the design of the page they are being inserted in. The hints can pop up at any objects on the page which makes the tooltip be an extremely convenient help instrument.

[Download sample]


Tree menu is a powerful and dynamic, yet lightweight tool, which allows creating tree menu structure of an unlimited number of levels. The menu items can be easily added, edited, and deleted on the fly. The specially designed system of events allows tracking all of the user activities and creating custom event handlers for each of them. Moreover, the tree menu is also completely managed using API. Besides that, the look of the menu is defined in a separate file and can be easily changed to correspond to the style of the site. The ease of usage and customization make the tree menu absolutely convenient and indispensable navigation and ordering mean of any site.

[Download sample]


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