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Interactive USA Flash Map


FutureVision has created a unique interactive USA flash map with all US states and counties on it. With the use of optimized flash geometry and Action Script parameters, we created an interactive flash map which is extremely fast-loading and easy to use. Among other implementation, it can be employed as:

  • Interactive Real Estate Listing Map
  • Appraisal Search Software
  • Traveling/Timeshares Directory
  • Country Selector enable fast selection of the state and county, or any other purpose

This vector area map allows better visibility and easier choice between territories.

Customization and Development

Our Interactive US Flash Map is highly customizable, so it can be placed on every website. Different actions can be assigned for each US county, cities and towns can be added, background images can be changed, and more. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding what is possible. Currently this is only a US Directory Map, but it is possible to develop UK Flash Map, entire Europe, North America or a World Flash Map on request.

It is impossible to trace a bitmap image and then get a reasonable file size because of the presence of too many vertexes, so all of our flash maps are created manually. Vector-based geometry enables higher visual quality and more detailed images. In addition, 3D-effects make the general look and feel of the flash map highly attractive and interactive. A final benefit is that each time you select a state or want to return back, there is no need to reload the page,- it keeps it in memory and quickly goes there. An average state is only several KB in size on our flash map, whereas on most sites the average state is 40-50 KB. This makes it load up to ten times faster (no need to reload the page itself).

How to buy

Interactive USA Flash Map price is US 199.00, including the source code (.fla file included).

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