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Website Event Calendar Pro in Flash

The professional edition of Interactive Website Event Calendar Pro designed in Flash is now available.

Now with this new edition you can easily manage different types of events to represent them on your site with animated images and dynamically calculated layers. You'll get a chance to organize representation of feature seminars, upcoming events, web archives and other data collections.

Entertainment, Restaurant Business, Media, Education, Marketing and Management Consulting is just a short list of industries that could benefit from Event Web Calendar Pro usage!

There are two major goals you will accomplish with the professional version of the website event calendar in Flash:

  1. Provide users with attractive and useable graphic interface: easy and convenient way for your website visitors to browse events and view details by category and location. The are several view modes available: by year, six months, one month and weeks.
  2. Fast and easy way to manage all events via the administrative panel: a password protected area where you can add/edit/remove evens, add photos and description.

See Flash Event Website Calendar Professional Edition online»

NEW! Website event calendar installed on one more website!»

User interface

What we offer is not just an application, but a custom oriented approach, making the flash website event calendar consistent with your site style and color scheme. Macromedia Flash enables fast load time and interactive animated effects, adding a special touch to the web calendar interface.

User front-end has the following set of options for browsing events:

  • View events by different time periods (One year, 6 month, one month). It is possible to view different events one year in advance.
  • Multiple checkboxes available to filter events by type.
  • Specify locations you are interested in.
  • Each day can have up to 4 events scheduled and displayed on the appropriate date in chronological order.
  • View event details.
  • No page refresh needed to browse calendar events.

Secure Administrative Panel

Administrative panel allows editing events and categories in real time. You will get your login and password to manage events and other settings, as well, once the flash event web calendar for your website is ordered.


The following major actions are available in administrative area:

  • Manage events their dates, details and upload images.
  • Adding up to 4 events per day is possible.
  • Define custom colours for each location or event type.
  • Upload images for each event to be shown in website calendar (thumbnails)
  • Manage even types (up to 9 types)
  • Manage locations (up to 9 locations)
  • Change personal settings (password, website url, personal profile).

Installation and integration

Installing Professional Website Flash Event Calendar is very simple: All you need is to add several html lines to your page, or add a link to pop-up with the website calendar. It will include some technical details and your user ID. Our interactive web calendar can get data from external sources as well. XML and CSV formats are supported. If you already have your events to integrate please contact us for details.


  • Regular price: USD 750
  • Special price: USD 449 (Save $301!)

Website Event Calendar Professional Edition package also includes colour gamma adjustments and minor customization.

Please send us an email and we will get back to you with our suggestions on how to use the Flash Event Website Calendar on your site!

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