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Site Traffic Stats Engine

Monthly Visitor Statistics
Monthly visitor statistics

Real-time website traffic tracking and statistics engine

With our advanced real-time website traffic tracking and statistics engine it is possible to easily track website traffic: number of people who visits the site, number of returning visitors, how people find the site, search engines people utilize to reach different pages, what keywords people type, their countries, browsers, operating systems, IP addresses, and much more useful information.


The features include:

  1. Number of people who visits the website daily, weekly and monthly, what times of year are busiest.
  2. Most popular entry pages. Corresponding pages may be improved to give even better results.
  3. Pages visitors typically exit from. Basing on this knowledge, the content, graphics, layout and links can be improved.
  4. Hourly traffic to know what times of day are busiest so you can update content and staff your sales and support departments accordingly.
  5. Search engines people use to reach the website and what keywords they type in the search engine.
  6. Returning visitors information.
  7. Geographical and technical information, e.g. countries, browsers, languages, operating systems, IP addresses, etc.
  8. and much more.
Visitor distribution by search engine

Visitor distribution by search engine

Detailed Information about 100 latest website visitors
Detailed Information about 100 latest website visitors

FutureVision Real-time Traffic Tracking engine can be used as pluggable module for your website as well as standalone service.


The engine is highly customizable, so it can be placed on almost every website. Please refer to some Sites built on FutureVision Real-time Traffic Tracking engine:


There are several possibilities to obtain the Real-time website traffic tracking and statistics engine: you can buy the entire source code and customize/install it yourself, or you may request installation and customization for your site (in this case source code is not provided).

Please contact us for more information on Real-time website traffic tracking and statistics engine.

Our Clients Say:

I am so happy that I decided to do my website with FutureVisionů When my website was launched I started to get phone calls from my friends, family and even my competition called to see who had made my website!

Samuel Wolcovinsky
Flat Fee Realty

We appreciate your taking the time & effort to seek feed-back from your clients. All too often there is a complacent assumption that all is well.

SiteTrafficStats provides a service that is easy to use, understandable and informative. The data provided by SiteTrafficStats statistics is invaluable in formulating any changes in advertising policy; it shows exactly where the hits have originated; whether search engines or link sites have been instrumental in the 'hit' as well as the Geographical pattern.

We constantly recommend you to others, sure in the knowledge that they will be just as satisfied as we are. Keep up the good work.

Mike Stuart
Economy Cartridges

Thank you for providing this useful service. The "referring site" information is an especially good idea, but would be even more helpful if it showed which visitor came from which site. Also, it would be really useful to be able to see which pages on my site were visited by which user. But overall, I'm satisfied with the service and feel it's well worth the modest cost. I'm most pleased with the Customer Service team, which has been extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions and problems I've had, really excellent. I hope this is helpful feedback for you!

Alisa Lowden